Wedding Photo Albums


Personalized wedding photo albums keep the memories of your perfect day alive.

They just beg to be picked up from the coffee table or taken off a bookshelf like the ones on this page.

With so many choices, you can go modern, traditional or something else that suits your fancy. Then you can present a quality bound scrapbook like ones on this page as bridal party gifts.

Or create an heirloom smaller version engraved for each set of parents that matches your own.

Couples can mix-and-match printed and digital options. Matching engraved frames can display iconic images from the day created using key wedding photography tips.


Materials are in seemingly endless supply from leather-like to canvas, silk and hand-crafted leather.

Colors span the spectrum from white to bold and bright and every tone in between.

Textures beg to be touched whether man-made or nature-made in alligator, brocade, bamboo to ostrich, pony, and zebra.

Discover sparkle, shimmer and shine with custom effects plus embossing, debossing and gilding.

Why Have A Wedding Album?

Pictures are a part of the marriage ritual.

They give testimony to your love and bond as a couple.


For some couples it is the first collection you begin together.

So you will want to keep them in wedding photo albums that accurately represents what your wedding day was like using key wedding photography tips.

Specialty Leathers Hand-Crafted

Leather is a natural material and cows (even Italian ones) run into barb wire fences.

Expect imperfections.

Hand-finished leathers are exactly that, hand-finished. No two will ever be exactly alike and some will vary considerably. Just like your marriage.


A slightly less expensive option is to stick with "safe" or split leather. It's leather that is stretched and spray painted.

If you can't live with variations in your leather, you may prefer to select from a line of split leather flush mount and matted images.

The most luxurious, elegant and costly are, of course, hand-made, hand-mounted, hand-cut, hand-assembled, hand-finished, hand-wrapped with unlimited options, are meant to last for generations to come.

All those loving hands at work means that a degree of flexibility must be built in on your end. "Perfect" does not allow for the small, desirable variations inherent in a totally hand-made product with character and attitude.

For artistic design and prestigious custom covers, 100% hand-made wedding photo albums are the choice of discerning couples.

Budget Conscious


Less expensive matted lines have a set number of pages in standard 9 and 12 inches. You can select from a variety of cover styles including image, acrylic and standard covers. These are just right for parent albums.

Your photographer can suggest lines with fewer options to stay within your budget without sacrificing elegance and style. These could include man-made materials or G2 bonded leather.

A majority of quality lines use Kodak photographic papers and archival materials.

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