Wedding Photography Tips
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Wedding photography tips help get beautiful tangible memories through pictures.

You can never reenact these important moments - the tears, the laughter, the joy.

Take the time and do the work to find your pro match.

You can use professional shots to create wedding guest books and wedding scrapbooks online too.

Appearance: Consider the color harmony of the dresses, flowers and makeup of all of the key players and VIPs.



Because all of these variables will make or break an image.

One of the most effective wedding photography tips guaranteed to create a great, cohesive look is to pick out a material and color theme you prefer, and allow the bridal party to pick out styles that flatter their figures. You can suggest the same color palette to parents and family members.

This "matching" attire looks great in formal shots and wedding photo albums. It also allows the party, parents and family members to feel comfortable in the style they are wearing.

"We found the right professional for us and our budget using your advice. It made us much more comfortable being able to talk with the pro and be able to explain the look we wanted." Milly and Andrew, Socorro, New Mexico

A professional photographer I know recently shot a wedding where the bridal party, and mothers wore beautiful shades of taupe, cream, and beige. A sister of the groom who was not a member of the bridal party, was included in the family portrait. She was wearing a bright red dress, and because of this she did not look like an important member of the portrait.

Extended family, stepparents, siblings? Include them in this effort. It will make them feel wonderful and will improve their images, too.

Makeup: Makeup is tricky. Find a professional who has a lot of experience with wedding makeup (grooms included) so you don't end up overly made up, or washed out. The makeup professional can analyze your skin tone, knows what products work best in various light, and how your makeup works with your flowers, your bridal party's attire, and the room decor.

Formal pre-wedding images will help you see how everything looks before the big day. You will be able to view these images and determine whether any changes need to be made to your appearance and the color palette against your gown and flowers.


Big Exit: Whether you do a big exit from the ceremony or from the reception, make it exciting. Here are a few more wedding photography tips to consider:

  • Doves have terrific symbolism. Use more than two for the ultimate images. Be aware that there could be bird droppings so have them launch away from you and your guests.

  • Have lots of room to move during an exit especially if you have streamers. They can block the view of the photographer when snapping the bride and groom.

  • Butterflies are best used for outdoor ceremonies. They rarely fly simultaneously. This means the "Wow!" finish you are looking for usually becomes a series of small "Ahs."

  • The sound of bells can not be photographed. Candles can be cute. However, unless you have hundreds of candles they will not add the "oomph" you want to see in your images.

  • Birdseed can be great for photographs, but you will be combing it out of your hair and shaking it out of your attire all night!

  • Bubbles and rose petals are usually the most photogenic when coordinated correctly!

Classic Traditional or Contemporary Photojournalist Styles: Color, sepia, black and white? Formal, informal? All can be fabulous, and many couples prefer a mix.

Be sure the photographers you are considering can provide a consistent "look" and capture your personality from pre-ceremony, ceremony, through reception and final exit.

These wedding photography tips will help. Always follow your heart. Photography is never expensive. It is priceless.

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