Ceremony Wedding Prayer Blessing


The ceremony wedding prayer blessing can be secular, spiritual, scriptural, or something else. The loveliness of it stems from the marriage ritual itself.

All gathered are offering their support for the committed relationship. In actuality all family and friends are offering wishes for the well-being of the couple's marriage.

It's through the spoken word that we have come together to request the couple's continued happiness.

The happiness of a marriage is like a garden. In order for the garden to bloom, blossom and reach its potential, the couple has to tend the happiness ecosystem.

Ceremony Wedding Prayer Blessing

And some of the tending just plain stinks. Like mulching.

Some lessons in a committed relationship can only be learned through challenging experiences. Learning these lessons prepares us for the fullness of our destiny.

"Thank you for the most amazing wedding ceremony ever! It was so perfect and conveyed exactly what we wanted. Everyone of our family and friends loved it. It truly made the day even more perfect." Sara and Wayne, Long Branch, NJ

Some individuals struggle and are defeated in marriage. Others overcome the odds. It's our approach to finding the happiness in the struggle that makes the couple stronger. It develops trust, confidence, and determination.

Ceremony Wedding
Prayer Blessing

"On this day of days, our future is in this present moment. I take your hand to clasp as we walk together into our marital garden. We will have disappointments. (This excerpt from original intercession Reverend Mattie copyright holder weddingceremonywithheart.com all rights reserved.) We will make less than optimal choices. We will experience injustices. These will make our commitment stronger. With the help of the sacred spirit within both of us, we can turn any broken dream into our destiny of abundance, joy, and happiness."

A ceremony wedding prayer blessing frames the big destiny in front of you as an individual and as a couple. You are growing deep roots.

The most powerful force in the Universe is within you. At your nuptials each person is bearing witness to the fact that you can access this Universal force within you. You can use it to propel yourself into your destiny.

Challenges in marriage can put a song in your heart. Health and home - they are your destiny. Even if you make poor choices. Your destiny resides in tending your marital garden. It is the essential source of growth and blossoming.

The sacred spirit within you wastes nothing. Be it the good, the bad, the unjust, or the disappointments.

The sacred spirit within you uses it all to turn challenges around to victories for your good. Good days are your future.

What Are The Best Words?

You have all that you need to grow.

  • Ask your officiate to write your beliefs into your ceremony wedding prayer blessing.
  • Make a copy of it and put it in a silver frame.
  • Put that silver frame some place where you and your spouse will see and read it daily.
  • Allow its inspiration to foster resilience as you both tend the garden of your marriage.
  • Permit those words to empower you and your spouse into your best destiny.

On your big day, your family and friends are giving you unconditional support. They are bearing witness to the edifying power of love.

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