Event Wedding Reception Insurance
Coverage Against Havoc


Event wedding reception insurance can be thought of as a cancellation or postponement policy.

Unexpected things can happen anytime, anyplace, anywhere - especially on your big-day.

Recently, I saw a list of the top reasons for cancelling or postponing.

Among all the ceremonies I have written and officiated, there were examples illustrating each reason.

"Although we had been planning for some time, the last minute change due to world events was unsettling. Thank you for being able to officiate and give voice to our ceremony in the most peaceful way." Jo and Tom, Cape May, NJ


Top Reasons Weddings Cancel or Postpone ...

The day-of is too late to get a liability policy that will reimburse you for items lost, damaged or stolen.

Top Reason #1: The bride, groom or other key person experiences an illness or becomes injured.

During the day-of photography session prior to the event, the groom's mother who had traveled from Peru to attend the wedding, was rushed to the hospital due to congestive heart failure. As she did not speak English, her son had to be with her at the hospital to oversee her treatment and care. Under the circumstances his bride-to-be determined with her groom-to-be that the wedding would have to be postponed. Without wedding reception insurance they would have suffered a staggering financial loss.


Top Reason #2: Damage occurs to the venue through fire, construction, water, snow or wind prior to the event.

In a geographic locale experiencing its first hurricane in sixty years, the locals were not anticipating the devastation soon to come.

Flooding was so severe that some intrepid souls were zipping down Main Street on jet skiis as if it were Acapulco Bay. Major roadways were shut down due to cave-ins the result of flooding. Not only could the bridal party and guests not get to the venue, but the site had part of its roof collapse into its banquet rooms. Again having wedding reception insurance saved the couple staggering losses.

Top Reason #3: The caterer, photographer or videographer fails to show up. There is no food, beverage, staff, cake, one-time record of the event.

On the day of the wedding the bridal party arrived at one of the areas most prestigious and storied event locations in an affluent community. To their dismay they found a sign on the padlocked entrance. They were shocked as they had spoken to the director of catering the prior day to check on a few last minutes details. They had paid deposits of $20,000 to the site as the venue for the ceremony and reception. The bride and groom had been smart, and had wedding reception insurance that covered the cause of the loss.

Top Reason #4: A bridal gown is lost in transit, stolen, or damaged.

The bridal party gathered at the home of the bride's parents who had recently converted an old barn into an art studio. Natural light streamed in through skylights and sliding walls. The light would be perfect for photography and putting on make-up.

Overnight a thunderstorm let loose torrential rain and the skylights leaked water ruining the wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses.

What was a devasting turn of events was salvaged due to a wedding insurance policy the bride's mother had insisted be purchased.


Top Reason #5: Written military leave of absence is withdrawn.

The groom, an active Marine with military leave of absence in writing, was unceremoniously called up for deployment due to a foreign uprising. The wedding would have to be postponed until he returned.

Good news: He and his bride-to-be had purchased a wedding insurance policy to cover this eventuality when they heard other military couples had had leave of absence withdrawn. All of their expenses were paid through the coverage. When he returned from his tour the couple had their ceremony and reception.

More good news: Also consider that a cancellation postponement policy pays for the nonrefundable expenses you incur when the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony or reception is cancelled, must be re-staged or is postponed due to reasons beyond your control.

Even more good news: If the wedding is cancelled due to a covered reason, honeymoon expenses are also covered depending on the policy. Check with your carrier and the policy you are putting together for the coverage you need.

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