Wedding Reception Invitations


Wedding reception invitations come in all style, all colors, all shapes and sizes.

Want gorgeous invites that won't push the budget envelope?

These tips, tricks and techniques will help you get the most for your stationery budget. Plus there are lots of real samples to see.

Order blank stationery suite paper from stationery or craft stores, and print them at home to save a bundle on your homemade wedding invitations.

By doing it yourself, you can save by forgoing envelope liners, custom ink colors, and handpainted details produced by someone else.

Handmade, imported, cotton-rag papers are more expensive. If you print off your home printer or go to a digital printing source, you can save by using printable papers created for the home printer.


To make your own wedding invitations from this exclusive digital kit can be a huge savings. You can design and print them yourself on your home printer, or use digital printing for your creations.

You can begin creating your own cheap wedding invitations, wedding reception invitations and nuptial stationery suite from this exclusive downloadable rose-themed kit within minutes.

You can choose a wedding stationer online or offline and still save money. For example, eco-conscious? Just select partially recycled domestic paper for your printing. Have a color theme? There are truckloads of color options like the ones you can see here. You won't have to sacrifice your style to get inexpensive wedding invitations like these and still meet your budget.

Wedding Invitation Wording and Etiquette pointers are easily found in books at the library, book store, and online.

It's important to you and your budget to make informed decisions.

Something as simple as adding "no children" can save you hundreds of dollars on food and beverage when parents - single or otherwise - decide to bring the family.

Other items to consider include:

  • Personalization
  • Benefits of "save the date" invitations
  • Invites and children
  • Outdoor ceremony and inclement weather location
  • Reception cards and ceremony cards
  • Destinations, themes, season and attire
  • Maps
  • Do and Don't
  • More need-to-know information


More Tips To Savings ... Order extras because invariably things get smudged, crushed or wrinkled. Misspellings occur. And pens spurt or ink pools even for the pros when addressing wedding invitations and envelopes. Or at the last minute, you may need to send out a few more than originally expected.

If you have to order "a few more" at the last minute you may incur common rush fees. And typically they are huge.

Square invitations your favorite? Be prepared to spend as much as double in postage to send them out. Square envelopes don't fit through the postal machines and have to be hand-stamped. You will incur an "odd-size" surcharge.

Oh, and don't try to sneak these square ones through the postal service.

One of my wedding couples tried only to discover that the envelopes were boldly stamped "insufficient postage" in red and took weeks to get back to them.

The couple's timeline was destroyed.

In addition, they had to buy all new printed envelopes to replace those ruined, readdress them, and had to pay more for postage.

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