Wedding Renewal Ceremony


A wedding renewal ceremony can celebrate any anniversary or a milestone anniversary. Or something else.

Some couples use the symbolic nuptials to create the personal rituals they may not have had when they first married each other.

Whatever your reasons, plan to create a memorable experience for you, your mate, loved ones, family and friends to cherish for years to come.

Think of this as an opportunity. In front of all you hold closest, that of all the men or women in the world, "I choose you again."


Is there anything more authentic, romantic, and emotionally reinvigorating than that?

"We were thrilled, overcome, and amazed. You were able to incorporate so much of us and our family into this day that took a lifetime together to make. We are forever grateful for your ability to help us through everything!" Carrie and Mike, Rhinebeck, NY

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just the way that feels right for you and your spouse.

When we hear of repeating nuptials, many times they are in the news when a celebrity's name is attached. And sometimes they can rival a production from The Great Gatsby. Again go with what feels right for you, your spouse and your budget.

If you want to shut down Disneyland one night for your private ceremony, do.

Do you want to include your children and grandchildren? Then do.

If you and your spouse want to dress as Cinderella and Prince Charming, then do. If the bride has always dreamed of arriving in a Cinderella-style horse-drawn carriage, okay.

You may want to have your wedding renewal ceremony dressed in a bikini, barefoot on a beach in the Seychelles. Are you more the couple who prefers a vineyard that produces your favorite table wine in Sicily or New York State? You may have 5 people to witness or 300 guests. Anything is possible.

One of my couples had a re-nuptial experience at a bed-and breakfast inn. At midnight they had arranged for a fireworks display to accompany champagne and hors d'oeurves while seated with their guests on Chiavari chairs overlooking the river barge, as it propelled pyrotechnics into the night sky.

Your guests want to see, hear and be engaged by what's going on. Make sure they are. A professional Officiate who writes a custom wedding renewal ceremony such as myself, can help you do this.

I invite you to ...

  • Make An Entrance
  • Mark A Ceremony Space
  • Include A Ritual
  • Have An Original Reading
  • Consider The Vows
  • Live, Love, Laugh And Be Happy

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