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Wedding ring insurance saved one of my couples thousands of dollars.

The 4-year-old ring bearer had been patient prior to walking the aisle to the ceremony space.

During his trek, he noticed his slightly older brother making faces at him. Wanting retribution for the slight, he hurled the pillow at his facemaking sibling.

Unfortunately, the real bands (My advice to all couples is to always have fake ones carried to the ceremony space.) were loosely tied.


As the pillow sailed toward the offending brother the bands released midair; dropped, bounced, and raced across the wooden floor.

The bride's ring rolled under wall molding falling behind ancient plaster, and was never seen again.

"The first time we met you we knew you would perform our ceremony. You immediately understood that our country wedding reflected our love enjoying the natural world and bouldering together." Tori and Rob, Black Bass Hotel, Lumberville, PA

The emotional toll and significant investment could have been an expensive loss. This couple, however, had wedding ring insurance and wedding planner insurance included in one policy.

In this couple's case, it was written to cover the specialized bridal jewelry and would pay to repair or replace jewelry when lost, stolen or damaged.

This is different from engagement ring insurance which can be a rider to your homeowner's or renter's insurance. Check with a reputable insurance agent.

Remember that if you claim jewelry stolen, a police report is required.

Gifts you receive from guests can be included in policies. I have seen groomsmen and relatives of the couple try to help carry gifts from the reception to a vehicle. Sometimes these individuals don't realize that gifts can be fragile and subject to damage.

I also have seen gifts in boxes left standing curbside as the taxi drives off.

Policies can cover the repair or replacement of gifts lost, stolen or damaged.

Always check your policy with your carrier to determine coverage, procedures, exclusions and claim submission.

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