Weddings Gowns: Ten Ideas For
Nuptials With A Twist


Weddings gowns, ideas abound.

Here are 10 never-fail fascinating tips for nuptials with a twist to please you, relatives and friends.

Love, laughter, dancing dorks, poems, "Make it so!" resilience, chocolate everything, wind-up toys as favors, fish windsocks, daring-do, elegance, idiosyncratic weddings gowns point-of-view.

This is memory making at its best.


10 never-fail tips ...

 1. What kind of wedding is your heart set on: rockabilly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer cake toppers, kilted groomsmen, quirky traditional, or something else? Once you know this, then go around and get prices that include all of the following on this list.

 2. Based on tip one, you can now make a realistic budget.

"I'm so glad you officiated our wedding. It was so personal, fun and memorable. We recommend you totally! Friends of ours were so sad to have a friend get ordained online and marry them. Their friend was a nervous wreck and was crying so much no one could hear the vows." Margene and Ray, Upper Darby, PA

  3. Where? Consider the weather when deciding the venue. I have officiated weddings in July in 100 degree heat with 98 percent humidity, and the bridesmaids wore cashmere. There was no air-conditioning in the ceremony space. One bridesmaid passed out, the ring bearer threw up, the male guests stripped down to shirtsleeves. PLUS the dresses of female guests had sweat stains in embarrassing locations. Weddings gowns were turned into saunas.

  4. Consider a planner. The person has to be an organized, experienced, no drama, anal-retentive-go-getter who can keep you on track and on budget.

  5. Book the officiant. The best of us get booked way early. Marriage busy season spans March through November. Couples who want something different for their vows with a custom written and performed legal ceremony risk disappointment waiting to book the officiant. You can't do over your ceremony the day of the marriage.

It's best for the two of you and your officiant to start off right together to create the ceremony that is the reason for the big day.

  6. Hire the photographer. If your budget is tight, you still want professionally shot photographs. It's the biggest regret I hear from couples. Photographs are priceless. Instead of the top photographer in your area, ask if they have an assistant who freelances, or if they can refer you to someone else whose work they admire.

And sometimes, if you are authentic and describe what you have in mind to the photographer, she or he might decide to do it to fit your budget!

  7. Resist the e-vite. Resist posting the save-the-date or the invitation on Facebook. There are so many inexpensive, do-it-youself, make your own wedding invitations and stationery suites available. With all the electronic clutter, it's so much better to have something snail mail delivered. You get to showcase the exact vision you have for your big day. It calls attention to the special quality of your relationship. It's fun and it gets everyone talking. Plus it's a memento.

  8. Food. Open flames are sometimes restricted at venues. This affects your menu. Will family members be cooking or baking? Do you need permits to bring in outside food? Many things are possible. Some ideas are budget-dynamite unless you've considered them in advance.

  9. Brides and grooms: got bridesmaids, groomsmen? What's the attire the vision for weddings gowns? Whatever you decide keep it consistent. Consistency could be in the form of color, length, style, fit, design, jewelry, flowers, and so on. Whether you're going for a "look" that's tractor wheels or black heels, you'll get better looking photographs with consistency.

For a unique line of handcrafted, wearable, sculpted "blossoms" as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair accessories with custom options including color matching, try this site. The whimsical creations could be just the thing for you, your bridesmaids, mother of the bride, mother of the groom, flower girls -- all other weddings gowns.

10. The license. You BOTH have to apply TOGETHER, in person, with photo ID and whatever else your local government requires. No skype, no Facetime, no phone-it-in allowed. Many municipalities have a waiting period before your license will be valid for a legal marriage. Check with your municipality for details.

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