Wine and Roses

by Catlin and Rick
(Dutchess County, NY)

We have romantic stories and this one was a total surprise day! Rick, my now husband, works in the wine industry. He invited me to a tasting event at one of his best client's wineries. About an hour in, you can see him talking with a colleague as I hang back on the right side of this photo. Right after he was done making a point, he walked over to the food table where he had hid a bouquet of sterling roses. I wondered who the lucky person was, as he strode right over to me. "Will you accept these roses along with the only question I have never asked you? Will you marry me?"

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I was shocked and could hardly choke out, "Yes" as I bobbed my head up and down. Every one of his colleagues was in on the surprise. They started cheering and whistling. The vineyard owner uncorked a private reserve and toasted us! It was so amazingly romantic.

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Serious For Guys
by: Eddie

Mike, really smooth and I like how you used work to hatch and plan the surprise. You know ladies, us guys do think about this stuff. I always wonder if what I'm thinking to do is too much, too little or just wrong. But my bride is cool with most stuff I come up with. Life is good.

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